Quiet Sunday

St. Mary Le Bow Church, Cheapside, London

Maybe This Time

Exmouth Market area, London

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It all went wrong

Which kinda sums this one up. I forgot to take the long shot! Oh well. Better stuff coming soon.
Other news; I am featured in a new street art book called 'Street Renegades: New Underground Art' that is out 15th October. It is by Francesca Gavin. I haven't seen it yet but it features loads of great artists such as Cut Up Collective, Dan Witz, Invader, Mark Jenkins and Graffiti Research Lab.

I forgot that my stuff is also featured in a new book published by Die Gestalten Verlag called 'Tactile: High Touch Visuals'. It isn't a street art book as such as it concentrates on artsists and designers implementing their ideas spatially, but it does feature work by Mark Jenkins, TRUTH and others such as friendswithyou. I got it in the post yesterday and it is great!

Nuart show

A few photos of my installation at Nuart. For the full set look on my Flickr page. I've also uploaded a load of pictures of work by other artists on my street art blog, here.

20 Inches Under The Sea

Stavanger, Norway

You can check out some 'work in progress' pictures of my installation at the Nuart exhibition in Norway on my Flickr page here I'll be uploading pictures of the final thing after the show opens tonight. I'll also be updating my street art blog (link above!) with pictures of all the other work.

Sleeping Rough

Aldgate, London

The next update will be from the Nuart Festival in a couple of weeks. The festival runs from 6th September to 4th November in Stavanger, Norway and aims to be a celebration of contemporary urban art and street culture. Alongside a group of other artists (most of them a lot better than me, such as Dface, Arofish, Blek le Rat, Dolk, Eine, Wordtomother and a load of others) I will be working on an installation in Rogaland Kunstmuseum and also doing stuff on the streets too. I'll post the photos here, and links to other work that has gone on. It should be a blast!
And news for anyone who has emailed me asking if I will be reissuing my first prints 'Dreams Of Packing It All In' and 'Dealer'... well, I won't be reissuing them but I have got back one print of each from a friend who was going to put them up in his gallery which he unfortunately had to close recently. I am thinking of putting them up on ebay with a percentage of the money made going to Amnesty International. Keep checking back for details or email to be put on my mailing list... slinkachu@yahoo.co.uk


Sloane Square, London

I Can't Actually Graffiti - NEW PRINT!

Festival Hall, London

This image is available now as a limited signed and numbered print (of only 25!) from BlackRatPress. You can read more details about it there or here. It was taken under Festival Hall, in the skate and graffiti area. You are not Banksy, you are not Dface and you want to tell the world!

30 Minutes

Postman's Park

Another image from the show at Cosh. This little guy was placed in an tranquil little park by the Museum of London that is overrun by office workers having lunch on week days but deserted at the weekend. The picture was taken by a pond full of foot-long goldfish. Any closer to the centre of London and I am sure these would have been nicked long ago.

High As A Kite

The Barbican

This is one of the images that will be in the GIS show on Thursday. I went to sign the one-off prints this evening and they look great!
And Marcobe at Rottenrow has uploaded a picture and small writeup about an installation i did with him in Manchester in March titled 'Twelve months Later'. Its kinda heartbreaking. Just how I like it.

Small Gods

Westminster Abbey

In The Rough

Kensington Gardens

One False Move...

Lena Street, Manchester

Urban Camping

Stevenson Square, Manchester

Found It!


The rest of the Eleven show stuff


Plug Socket


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