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From Sketch To Vector Art

Vector Art Blog is always watching. And we never miss the chance to spread the word about online publications that we love."Locus Of Control" Blog just posted a great digital illustration tutorial that explains the process of creating sharp vector artwork from a sketch using a scanner and the Live Trace feature in Illustrator...

"When you scan a sketch into your computer, the lines are often light and have fuzzy edges. Resizing the scan blurs or pixelates the image. You can use Photoshop to darken the lines, but they’re still not going to be as clean and sharp as if you vectored the sketch.Vectoring your scanned sketches is great for comics or other artwork, and is especially handy in the process of logo design." Full Tutorial

Damask Flower Pattern for Adobe Illustrator

A free seampless pattern in Damask style from Grunii. The pattern is fully customiable with Adobe Illustrator.

You can find great damask color schemes using the search engine under the palettes section at

To use, first you have to expand the ZIP archive. Download

T.A.D. Coming Soon - To a Bookstore Near You!

Tiny Art Director will be published by Chronicle Books in Spring 2010 (in time for father's day) !

T.A.D. says, "That's such good news, because it's all about ME!"

The bad news is, the self-published version of the book is no lnnger for sale. Sorry! You and I both will have to wait a whole year for the real thing, which will have additional material as well, and will be AWESOME!

Vector Cameras

A collection of 3 cartoonic camera illustrations from The set is in EPS file format, editable with most major vector editors (Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, etc.)...

Free for personal and commercial use. Download

*The pack contains a bonus illustration ;)

Anime Eyes Vector Pack

Today's update is a free resource for all you manga/anime artists out there. A set of 15 vector anime eye shapes in EPS from Agneva. You can use this stock to speed up your character design process or to simply study the structure of anime eyes...

If you are an Adobe Illustrator user, you may have some problems loading the file so here is a quick tip: Convert to Artbords. Check "Legacy Artboard", "Crop Area", "Artwork Bounding Box" and click OK. Then select everything, copy and paste in a new illusrtator file.

The resource if free for personal and commercial use. Download

10 More Free Vector Resources That You Might Have Missed

We are back with another nice collection of vector resources for digital illustrators. You can use them for brainstorming, inspiration or a starting point for your projects. You can see a tiny preview of each pack below. Please consider visitng the authors links and posting a comment if you have any problems using them...

European Art Deco Floral Pattern
A set of 2 seamless floral patterns for Adobe Illustrator 8 and above from Keep You can use this resource for creating a high resolution wallpaper or decorate an object in your composition. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Pop Art Laurel Leaves
A popular symbol in a minimalistic / pop art style from ClickPop Media. Available in *.AI and *.EPS file formats. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Soccer Player Vectors
A huge silhouette stock by Parka Design. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Random Pattern Swatches for Adobe Illustrator
A collection of random seamless pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator from To use, load the PDF file in Illustrator and open the swatches palette (Window>Swatches). The pack contains: "Polka dots, chain link fence, houndstooth, canvas, checkers 2.0, mario bricks and more.To alter any of the swatches (except the canvas) just drag them out of the swatch palette and scale them to the size you like or use the magic wand to change the color, then drag them back in." Download

Japanese Dragon Vector
A vector illustratoin of a Japanese dragon from It could be used for T-Shirt Design or a tattoo concept. "God Dragon & kanji Symbol (Japanese Pronunciation : Ryujin) Ryujin is a spiritual dragon from Japanese mythology that controls wind and rain." Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Ocean Creatures Vector Pack
A collection of ocean creature silhouettes by Jessica Romero, found at Vector Stuff Blog. Download

iPod Family Template
A free vector template from Designinator. The resource is in Adobe Freehand file format (.*FH11), but you can still use, customize or convert it to EPS or AI by opening it with Adobe Illustrator. Could be useful if you are working on iPhone skin project. Download

Vector Shopping Bags
A free vector stock from VectorJungle. The stock contains five cute vector illustrations of shopping bags. The resource is available in EPS and PDF file formats.Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Sketchy Vectors
A free vector stock from ragingcephalopod. "The pack includes a fist, 2 guns, a bird skull, a human skull, a ribcage and a crab claw. Download

Urabn Grunge Textures
A collection of vector textures in EPS from Cmicak. The resource is editable with most major vector editors. Download

Vector Skyline Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

A video tutorial by Liron Tocker, explaining the stages of creating a vector skyline illustration using Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is useful for beginner artists to understand the process of tracing graphic elements using the Pen Tool...

Sports Team Logo Design Tutorial

A comprehesive logo design tutorial for Aobe Illustrator from favorite digital illustration magazine Computer Arts. Alan Wardle shows you how to create an eye-catching logo design and brand from scratch.

My brief was to design a brand identity for a youth mountain biking team based in London. As they’re based in an urban environment, this team needed an aggressive logo so they’d be taken seriously when travelling to rural events around the country...

...In this tutorial, I’ll lead you through everything from designing the logo to setting brand rules. We’ll also look at creating other elements such as team uniforms, helmets and merchandise using your designs along the way. Full tutorial

Organic Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Here we have another great resource for digital artists from HumanNature84: a set of 5 organic brushes for Adobe Illustrator. They could be used for drawing of organic vector elements or decorating abstract compositions...

You can explore different variations and effects by experimenting with different stacking order of your stroke, different stroke size and color.

To use them, load the PDF file with Illustrator (use the File>Open method, not click and drag) and then open the brushes window (Window>Brushes). Download

10 Abstract Architecture Design Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

A stunning set of vector brushes for Adobe Illustrator from r2010. The pack contains 10 abstract brushes, after applying them to your stroke they will create an abstract architecture element based on its shape, width, height, size and color.

If you experiment with the opacity and the blend modes you can get some amazing effects. Perfect for creating abstract backgrounds.To use the resource first, you need to expand the *.ZIP file, then load the *.AI file in Illustrator and open the brushes palette (Window>Brushes).Download

Party Illustrations in EPS

Here we have another free design resource from A set of cartoonc party themed illustrations in vector (EPS) format. In the bottom right corner of the art-board you can also find four playing card symbols (spade, heart, diamond & club)...

The pack is EPS which makes it editable with most vector editors (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.). Download

Art Noveau Floral Frame

A set of floral vector frames in Nart Noveau sytle from Craftsmanspace. Could be useful if you are working on a composition in the same time period. The resource is in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format, editable with most major vector editors...

Free for personal and commercial use. To use the resource, first you need to expand the Zip archive. Download

More about "Art Noveau Movement" here.

Paisley Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

A free brush set for Adobe Illustrator from Pylo. The screenshot image below displays some possible effects when you apply one of the brushes on a path stroke in Adobe Illustrator...

The pack contains 8 different paisley brushes, that could be a starting point for creating pattern designs.

To use, load the *.AI file in Illustrator and open the brushes palette (Window>Brushes). Download

3D Extrude and Bevel + Map Art Adobe Illustrator

If you haven't used the 3D Extrude and Bevel and Map Art features in Adobe Illustrator yet, this tutorial may be a great starting point...

Following the the instructions you will create a 3d Dice illustration. The techniques are basic but they can be applied in more challenging compositions.

"Are you feeling lucky? See if you can roll a lucky 7 with this tutorial on how to create 3d dice!"

100 Free Monochrome Patterns for Adobe Illustrator

A stunning collection of 100 geometric monochromatic seamless pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator. This amazing resource has been made available by MartinIsaak...

You can use them as background textures, fill patterns, optical illusions, etc. The pack contains vector illustrations and swatches that can be loaded from the swatches library (Window>Swatches). Click on the image below for a detailed preview Download

Snail Renaissance

The Brief: A mama snail and a baby snail
The Critique: I'm sorry to say that you're worser than me. You gotta learn to draw as me. You just don't draw so well. Why do you think that is? It turns out that I'm the good draw-er. It turns out that you're the art director.
Artists Note: The critique is on the initial sketch, and compares to hers. She actually likes the painting.
Job Status: Provisionally Approved, pending addition of jumping fish in the lake

10 Vector Resources for Digital Illustrators and Flash Artists

Below you can see a collection of random vector resources that could be of use to Adobe Illustrator & Flash users. The resources are fully customizable, free for personal and commercial use. Please feel free to visit the authors pages or post a comment...

Random International Symbols
A collection of random vector symbols in Adobe Illustrator file format, from VectorStuff (a nice place for free vector resources). Download

13 Grunge Patterns
A musthave set of seamless patterns in vector format from Transfuchsian. Useful for decoration or applying a rough texture effect on your artwork/design elements. To use, open the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator. Download

Cartoonic Heart Illustrations
A pack of vector heart icons from Vecteezy. Download

Sacred Heart Vector Illustration
A tattoo styled vector illustration from SabaDesign. To use the resource first, you need to expand the .zip file. Download

Flourish Ornaments
An art noveau look alike ornaments in vector format from Astorix. Download

Clockwork Vectors
A set of clockwork elements in vector format from t6t. Could be a starting point for building up a digital mechanism or whatever. To use, open the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator. Download

Floral Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Two splatter brushes for Illustrator from Dtpvids. This resource could be used for for creating a pattern or for decorating your composition. To use, load the file in Illustrator and open the brushes window (Window>Brushes). Download

Vector Camera Shutter
A geometrical illustration of a camera shutter in EPS (vector) file format from ScarletRain. Since the illustrations is in EPS, it can be fully edited with most vector editors (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Iknscape, etc.) Download

Beach Life Vector Pack
A collection of vector illustrations from Designious. May be of use if you are currently working on a beach-house compilation CD cover. Download

Vector Bar-codes
A set of random bar-code vectors from Arbenting. To use, you need to expand the .rar Archive with WinRar or StuffIt (MacOS) Download

Mosaic Effects with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

An Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial from Digital Ars Magazine exploring techniques for designing mosaic effects using vector symbols and global colors...

"We’ve all seen mosaics made up of smaller images, and there’s a handful of Photoshop plug-ins or standalone software that can generate impressive but somewhat automated results.
But what if you want total control over your mosaics’ appearaty to update it at the click of a button?" Full Tutorial

Vector Mannequin Illustrations in EPS

A collection of 4 mannequin silhouette vectors from Cmicak. The illustrations could be used as design elements, for decoration or for promoting fashion design concepts of yours...

The pack is in EPS file format which makes it editable with most vector editors (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Ikscape, GIMP, etc.) Download

3D Vector Logo Tutorial

A logo design video tutorial from Layers Magazine, covering a few gradient techniques and using the "3D extrude and bevel" effect in Adobe Illustrator...

Even though it is considered as a logo design tutorial, the skills shown can be applied many areas of digital illustration. Video Tutorial Link

Vector Hair Template for Adobe Illustrator

Here we have another great vector resource for those of you who enjoy composing detailed fashion design illustrations. A Vector Hair Template for Adobe Illustrator by chewedkandi.

The layers in the *AI file are all properly named and organized so you can easily customize color and shades...

This file could help you understand the structure and work flow steps in composing vector hair illustrations. It has also been used in a comprehensive Adobe Illustrator tutorial, available here.

To use, you will need WinRar or StuffIt (Mac OS) to expand the archive. Download

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