Charles Addams exhibit

Anyone in the area should check outCharles Addams’ New York” at the Museum of the City of New York, through June 6th.

The exhibit includes over 60 drawings — beautifully refined watercolors and loose preliminary sketches (which sometimes showed alternate versions of the joke.) In the center of the gallery is a recreation of Addams’ studio and an interior room dedicated to the Addams’ Family cartoons. Seriously, you can’t pass by more than three feet of exhibit space without cracking a smile.

Our new site, "Number 1 of 1" features our collection of one-of a-kind designs such as our new "La Luna" Wall Torchiere. Click the box for the link.

Guest Artist: Lunch Bag Art

Lunchbagart draws awesome pictures on his kids' lunchbags. He bravely took a commission from TAD:
The Brief: A pug puppy being fed a bottle

See what she said here:

Ringling College visit

If you are keeping half an eye on up-and-coming illustrators, it would be impossible not to notice the rise of Ringling College of Art and Design these past few years. I’ve run into great student portfolios from Ringling students at Comic Con, the Society of Illustrators student exhibit, CA workshops...all over the place. So when George Pratt asked if I would come down and give a talk, I jumped at the chance to see what they were feeding these kids to make them so promising. Their secret, as it turns out, is a steady diet of drawing and painting, and good strong fundamentals.

On the first day of our visit, Greg Manchess and I looked at 600 works, from sophomore to senior levels, and curated a “Best of Ringling” exhibit of just 70 pieces. It was as inspiring as it was exhausting. As it got down to deciding class medals, we often had three or four paintings of equal merit — the decisions were heartbreaking.

One the second day, I gave a lecture about working with art directors, marketing, etc. -- my usual dog-and-pony show. Greg followed with a slide show and painting demo. While Greg was painting, I was looking at portfolios from some of the students.

All the students seemed engaged and excited to be soaking in what they could. I was glad to see the breadth of styles -- clearly they are encouraged to experiment and find their own voices. And I particularly enjoyed seeing such solid work from 2nd and 3rd year students; it’s exciting to imagine where they might be with another year or two of school behind them.

A big thanks to the Ringling faculty for having us down and being such great hosts. And a thank you to the students for a chance to look at so much good work.

GREG MANCHESS to Ringling:

“I couldn’t believe that after my afternoon lecture and demo, so many students were still watching me go. You guys are showing the signs of ambition and drive that are so very necessary to survive this business. Thanks for sticking it out. I had meant to trim about an
hour or so from that painting, but everyone had such specific questions, I couldn’t resist answering!

I was also very happy to see the level of skill that everyone displayed with their pieces for the judging. Remarkable. You made it a painful joy to select favorites. As I mentioned on Friday, if you didn't make it in, don't let it slow you down. And for those that did make it in, carry on.

Thanks for your interest in my work! When I looked into the lecture hall, I saw myself as a student, looking for the same answers as you are today. I have many now, and you will, too.”

Venessa Del Rey, Eli Minaya, Keyla Valerio
Haylee Herrick, Lamar Mathurin

Eli Minaya has a great series of photos of Greg’s demo on his blog.

More photos from the visit here.

Buried Up In Fire

The Brief: A dragon blowing fire all over

The Critique: Whoa! that's awesome! I like the way he's so mad - and I think you should draw his claws sticking out of the fire.  He'll still be really buried up in fire.
Job Status: Approved

Artist's Notes:Thanks to Mark at boingboing for posting about TAD!  Also the contest winners have been announced at the TAD FB Page - as a result I'll be painting a pirate puppy!


Just showing off our latest from Peter Lutjen.

Jeffrey Jones documentary

Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Jones

Maria Cabardo, of DC Comics, has been putting together a documentary of the amazing Jeffery Jones. (Like, really amazing — If you need one reason to be on Facebook, it’s to see Jones’ gallery.) Here’s a quick glimpse at the work in progress — an interview with the also amazing Michael Kaluta. I know the film crew has been traveling around and interviewing as many artists as they can. I’m very much looking forward to watching this develop.

Contest - you be the art director!

Best 5 briefs get signed copies of the book. Best one gets painted and you get the original art! Post your brief at or via twitter to @tinyartdirector #tadcontest .there's already a lot of good ones!

Also just sent this and 3 other pieces to the UAG gallery for their Context show opening April 2nd - If you're in Albany,NY, check it out!

Christoph Niemann’s I Lego NY

Everyone has seen Christoph Niemann’s brillant Lego NY!? Amazing. I can look at it 1,000 times.

And now, it’s expanded into a book! So excited.


My interview on the Chronicle Books Blog - I talk about a visit to the Met Museum, and an upcoming Tiny Film Critic piece we have planned:

Thomas Fuchs hearts Star Wars (and many other things.)

It’s not common for an artist to have multiple styles that are truly unique from each other and all equally accomplished...And yet, Thomas Fuchs.

As well as having a more painterly style, he has a great facility with logos and icons which he’s clearly had fun with on his Heart a Day blog — never saccharin, always beautifully drawn. And all this week: Star Wars! Go check it out, and stop by all week to see what he comes up with next.

If your geek-crush isn’t of the Star Wars persuasion, he’s got plenty genre-love throughout the site

Stuffed Metallic Diner Vinyl Rocketship

The Brief: A Stuffed Rocket (On Spec - I did this for myself, of course)
The Critique: Zooooom!!! Rocket Blast!!!
Job Status: Approved (She loves it!)
Additional Comments: Dadda, you better put this up high where I can't reach it
Artist's Comments: More pictures here:

The Future of Publishing

[Via boingboing]

MicroVisions 5. Or, The Return of 5x7!

Think small.

Each year, Dan Dos Santos and I organize “MicroVisions”, an exhibit and auction to raise money for the Society of Illustrators’ student scholarship fund. Over the past four years it raised $20,000.00 which was given directly to students displaying exceptional promise in illustration.

I am proud to announce this year’s line-up of participating artists. I cannot thank these guys enough for dedicating their time and talent to this endeavour. To carve out time for anything beyond work and family is not a trivial thing to ask, so, applause to:

Scott Altmann
Scott Bakal
Rick Berry
Bill Carman
Jon Foster
Donato Giancola
Michael Kaluta
Tim O’Brien
Omar Rayyan
Jordu Schell
Allen Williams
Boris Vallejo

Bravo guys! Rest assured, the students really appreciate the support these scholarships represent.

The works will be on display at the Society beginning April 26th. Painting and auction updates as I get them.

RELATED: Past MicroVisions here.

Cheese Weasel Day

"Cheese Weasel Day" Logo.

My friend Chris Forbes is the driving force (evangelist) behind a real holiday that started on the internet sometime in the last 15 years called "Cheese Weasel Day." (CWD)

Like other honored holidays like Festivus CWD is most often celebrated within the tech industry. (Visit the site for the full story)

I first heard about it last year when Chris posted it on his Twitter feed. I thought the logo was a bit moldy, so I told him to contact me next year and I'd create a new logo for his curdled masses.

"Cheese Weasel Day" T-Shirt.

The official, authentic, and certified CWD t-shirt! Ferret out your bad fashion and gird your loins with the weasel. Even a lactose intolerant person can add this cheese to their wardrobe.

- View and Order Shirt Here.

Does rodent and cheese apparel design grate on you? No worries, just download a CWD print to hang up in your office. Or just point that IT specialist that scorns your Mac over to this post and let them embrace the wonder that is Cheese Weasel Day!

Download Cheese Weasel Day Print

Happy Feet

"Happy Feet" shoes by Savannah Glitschka. (View Larger Image Here)

The Work
My good friend Justin Ahrens has used his creative talents for outreach for the last few years and he's been a huge encouragement to me. Last summer he invited me to be part of serving on the same outreach and I wanted to share with you some exciting news.

From April 26 - May 5 I'll be traveling to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya.

For about two weeks I'll be part of a team working on a documentary film about the work "Life in Abundance" (LIA) in is doing to help Kibera which is considered the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world.

LIA facilitates and supports microenterprise efforts in the Kibera slum to empower primarily women with income generating opportunities, support and care. The film will be shown throughout the year at selected independent movie theaters, LIA fundraisers and education functions.

Left Foot: Side One (View Larger Image Here)

Supporting Non-Profit
Each member on the team has to raise $4,500 for this outreach. So as a way to help me do this I gave my daughter a new pair of white Chuck Taylors to illustrate on.

This post is to show off the design my daughter created and facilitate a silence auction for the shoes, with the winning bid donating their amount via Paypal to LIA.

Left Foot: Side Two (View Larger Image Here)

I plan on taking a lot of photos while I am there and will be sharing an online gallery like the one I did for the Israel/Jordon trip I took a few years ago.

Right Foot: Side One (View Larger Image Here)

I think Savannah did a great job. I didn't give her any direction what so ever, I just said "Make it look cool." I think she hit the nail on the head and created some very fun kicks!

Right Foot: Side Two (View Larger Image Here)

Show Specs
Design: "Happy Feet" by Savannah Glitschka
Size (US): Mens 11, Women's 13 (Unisex)

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

This shoe design has it all. References to pop culture, social networking, and my favorite zombie vegetables.

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

Never underestimate the creative power of a teenager.

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

How to Place Your Silent Auction Bid
These shoes are being auctioned off to support the LIA outreach to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya.

The silent auction will take place over the next two weeks.

Just email your bid amount to:

I'd appreciate your help to get the message out by sharing a link to this post.

If you're not interested in the shoes but would still like to help support this outreach you can visit the LIA web site and make a donation online. (Uses Google Checkout) In the subject field just write “Von Africa Trip May 2010.” If you prefer to make a donation via you can do that too. Just send it to "" and include “Von Africa Trip May 2010.” in the notes section when paying.

All donations need to be received by April 15th. (Remember your donation is tax deductible.)

Thanks everyone!

Tiny T-Rex

The Brief: I don't even want a drawing.  Do whatever you want.

The Critique: Now that's what I like -- That guy! He has such tiny hands! Let's pretend another dinosaur is fighting with him and he's scaring it!
Job Status: Approved

High Expectations

Wandsworth Bridge area, London

The above image was my first installation of the year, back in January. It is available in a few formats at Andipa Gallery, including a small print on aluminium and a large-scale print in an edition of 7.

A bit of an update on upcoming shows...

Tonight, Thursday 4th March, sees the opening of the Skullduggerous group show in aid of the Bhopal Medical Appeal. The show is held at The Pure Evil Gallery in Leonard Street, London and is open until the 13th March. I have a new installation in the show, titled 'Chicken Tikka Disasta'... Other contributors include Swoon, Pure Evil and The Krah amongst many others - you can see some work from the show here. Check it out if you can - it is for a great cause.

Last summer I installed a number of installations around the grounds of the English Heritage house Belsay Hall, just outside of Newcastle. The photography of these will be part of the show Extraordinary Measures, which opens at Belsay on May 1st 2010, along with work by artists such at Ron Mueck, Matt Collishaw and Tessa Farmer. More information and images closer to the time....

And below are a few books that i have been featured in recently and which i would recommend to decorate coffee tables and make yourself look interesting and arty.

Design Play from Ginko Press
"Exploring how artists and designers
use an array of quirky designs to breath
life in to their work."

Tangible: High Touch Visuals
Work from various artists and designer
who blur the boundaries between mediums.

No Way

Original concept drawn on a creative brief.

Creativity is kind of strange. I never know when an idea is going to spawn, I've just learned to act on it. Such was the case here.

I sat through a two hour meeting at a local design firm going over a new branding project and someone voiced an opinion about something and the term "No Way" popped into my head. So I just kind of doodled what came to mind and the above is the end result.

"No Way" design on yellow and black background.

Of course later that same night I couldn't help myself and decided to flesh out the idea. Still don't really understand what it means, but that doesn't stop me from liking it. I find that odd. I suppose it can mean what ever you'd like it to mean and there is "No Way" of convincing me otherwise! ;-P

"No Way" T-Shirt design.

There is also "No Way" I'm not going to put this design on a t-shirt either! (Stop rolling your eyes)

"No Way" T-Shirt Designs
- View / Order Black Shirt Here
- View / Order Yellow Shirt Here

"No Way" Sign mocked up.

One of the commenters below suggested that "No Way" would work for a sign too. I agree. If I ever built my own house on some property I'd get this sign made to be on the street leading to our house. Very cool. Thanks Brian.

Frank Stockton

A quick shout-out to Frank Stockton because:
1) The guy can draw!
2) The guy can draw hands.
3) He once tried to sneak me into a bar by lending me his ID. (It didn’t go well, but a nice gesture nonetheless)
4) He’s got a lot of cool process info on his blog.
5) The guy can draw!

Also, check out his Sidebar interview.

Flying Chital - A Collaboration

The Brief: Flying Chital

Artist's Note: Chital are apparently a kind of deer. These ones fly.
This is a new kind of collaboration for us - I scanned in her drawing, let her color it in photoshop and then put my background on it (it's also the background for the TAD twitter feed).

The Critique: I asked her what words we should add -- meaning what we should say about it on the blog:

"I don't think we should put words on it. It's my picture and I get to take care of it and decide if there should be words."

"No, I  mean what do you think about the picture? The words are just for the computer - not on the picture itself."

"Oh. Ok... I didn't want there to be volcanoes.  I just wanted there to be snow mountains.  So Dadda can you please erase the volcanoes and I'm going to see how it looks with the lava gone and the smoke gone?"

Job Status: Approved anyway

Greg Manchess’ Lord of Chaos extended video, the artist-edition

Because the awesome Megan Messinger is awesome, she has created a slightly extended version of Lord of Chaos video which includes “real-time” painting footage. Enjoy the artist-edition:

Greg Manchess on the Wheel of Time Lord of Chaos ebook cover

The next of our Wheel of Time ebook covers is up! For Lord of Chaos we present a signature battle of the series, Dumai’s Wells, as portrayed by Greg Manchess.

As usual, all the details can be found in the post, including our groovy “sliding” cover, Greg’s thoughts on composing the image, and a
super-cool time-lapse video of Greg working on the painting from beginning to end.

All Wheel of Time ebook posts are archived here.
Which include:
David Grove on The Eye of the World
Kekai Kotaki on The Great Hunt
Donato Giancola on The Dragon Reborn
Sam Weber on The Shadow Rising
Dan Dos Santos on The Fires of Heaven

Creative Kicks!

"FloraWhirl" design.

I like, out of all the online vendors they offer the best diversity of product and even though they've had growing pains the quality has improved with each passing year.

They were the first to offer cool custom shoes. The only limitation was it was women's shoes, no guys variety was available.

Well all of that has changed now.

"Funk-O-Delic" design. asked me to help launch the service by designing some custom kicks they could showcase. So I took some of my more recent patterns and had some fun.

"Thorn" design.

I hope you enjoy these creative kicks.

Vonster Brand Shoes
- FloraWhirl Shoe (View/Order)
- Funk-O-Delic Shoe (View/Order)
- Thorn Shoe (View/Order)

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