Flying Chital - A Collaboration

The Brief: Flying Chital

Artist's Note: Chital are apparently a kind of deer. These ones fly.
This is a new kind of collaboration for us - I scanned in her drawing, let her color it in photoshop and then put my background on it (it's also the background for the TAD twitter feed).

The Critique: I asked her what words we should add -- meaning what we should say about it on the blog:

"I don't think we should put words on it. It's my picture and I get to take care of it and decide if there should be words."

"No, I  mean what do you think about the picture? The words are just for the computer - not on the picture itself."

"Oh. Ok... I didn't want there to be volcanoes.  I just wanted there to be snow mountains.  So Dadda can you please erase the volcanoes and I'm going to see how it looks with the lava gone and the smoke gone?"

Job Status: Approved anyway

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