Happy Feet

"Happy Feet" shoes by Savannah Glitschka. (View Larger Image Here)

The Work
My good friend Justin Ahrens has used his creative talents for outreach for the last few years and he's been a huge encouragement to me. Last summer he invited me to be part of serving on the same outreach and I wanted to share with you some exciting news.

From April 26 - May 5 I'll be traveling to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya.

For about two weeks I'll be part of a team working on a documentary film about the work "Life in Abundance" (LIA) in is doing to help Kibera which is considered the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world.

LIA facilitates and supports microenterprise efforts in the Kibera slum to empower primarily women with income generating opportunities, support and care. The film will be shown throughout the year at selected independent movie theaters, LIA fundraisers and education functions.

Left Foot: Side One (View Larger Image Here)

Supporting Non-Profit
Each member on the team has to raise $4,500 for this outreach. So as a way to help me do this I gave my daughter a new pair of white Chuck Taylors to illustrate on.

This post is to show off the design my daughter created and facilitate a silence auction for the shoes, with the winning bid donating their amount via Paypal to LIA.

Left Foot: Side Two (View Larger Image Here)

I plan on taking a lot of photos while I am there and will be sharing an online gallery like the one I did for the Israel/Jordon trip I took a few years ago.

Right Foot: Side One (View Larger Image Here)

I think Savannah did a great job. I didn't give her any direction what so ever, I just said "Make it look cool." I think she hit the nail on the head and created some very fun kicks!

Right Foot: Side Two (View Larger Image Here)

Show Specs
Design: "Happy Feet" by Savannah Glitschka
Size (US): Mens 11, Women's 13 (Unisex)

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

This shoe design has it all. References to pop culture, social networking, and my favorite zombie vegetables.

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

Never underestimate the creative power of a teenager.

Detail of Design. (View Larger Image Here)

How to Place Your Silent Auction Bid
These shoes are being auctioned off to support the LIA outreach to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi Kenya.

The silent auction will take place over the next two weeks.

Just email your bid amount to: info@glitschka.com

I'd appreciate your help to get the message out by sharing a link to this post.

If you're not interested in the shoes but would still like to help support this outreach you can visit the LIA web site and make a donation online. (Uses Google Checkout) In the subject field just write “Von Africa Trip May 2010.” If you prefer to make a donation via Paypal.com you can do that too. Just send it to "liasupport@liaint.org" and include “Von Africa Trip May 2010.” in the notes section when paying.

All donations need to be received by April 15th. (Remember your donation is tax deductible.)

Thanks everyone!

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