Vector Art Retrospection (1963)

The video below was discovered by a twitter search query for the key phrase "vector art" "Alan Kay presenting Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad, one of most influencial programs in the history of graphical user interfaces...

Sutherland developed Sketchpad in 1963. This video was extracted taken from a longer one in" Thanks t to zapatoche.

11 Abstract Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Here we have another stunning collection of abstract vector brushes for Adobe Illustrator from humannature84.

This pack contains 11 brushes that could be used for creating abstract elements in your vector illustration...

To use the set, load the PDF file in Adobe Illustrator File>Open (Do not use the click & drag method). Once you open the file, all you need to do is to bring up the brushes panel (Window>Brushes) and apply the brushes to your strokes.

You can explore a variety of abstract effects by experimenting with different stroke sizes and colors. Download