Custom type for HGTV.

Over the past six years I've slowly been working on a new font design I call "Nincompoop." When ever I get a project that comes in and the style of my type works with it, I'll create new letter forms and re-use existing characters to create my art and expand my alphabet for the font at the same time.

Such was the case with this project for Scripps Network and HGTV.

Custom type for HGTV.

Prior to the dawn of OSX I use to design fonts more often. I use to work at a design firm locally where I was responsible for designing five fonts all of which are still available through Of course my former employer owns these, but you can check each one out via the links below.

- Beat Street
- Frazzle
- Hunky Dory (Orig. name: "Scorn" AD changed it. Lame.)
- Lollygag
- Squidly (Orig. name: "Biomorphic" AD changed it. Lame.)

Over the years I've spotted my type in various places. Some usages last a few seconds, some are amusing, and others are just laughable.

When I designed the fonts above Postscript ruled the roost. But since then the Open Type format has brought a new standard for all future fonts and rightly so.

Custom type for HGTV.

I simply don't have the time to learn a whole new software application like Font Lab Studio so I'd rather focus on the creation of the letter forms and just hire out the production end. For that I'm willing to split the profits for any font developer wanting to team up. So if you know how to produce a font or know someone who does please introduce me to them.

"Nincompoop" sample.

Since Open Type allows for a lot of customization I'd create multiple variations on letterforms, ding bats, characters etc. in the final form of "Nincompoop."

But for right now I just have an Ai file I copy/paste from to create what I need.

Blend it!

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