Lone Lion

The Brief: A Lion

The Critique (on the inked version, above, after some fussing with details by the artist): You showed me that a million times! I think it's awesome, but I don't want to see it again. I don't like all of that ink. So take all that black away except the black of the out-lions... Hey - out-lions of the lion!

Additional Comments: You're not supposed to color in with black. That's what my teacher says. You're doing art the wrong way. Hey, talking about ink can I try using ink? Please please please?

The Critique (on the colored version, above): Whoa! That, my friend, is awesome! ... I've been wondering: why does this side have 3 whiskers and this side have 2 whiskers?

Job Status: Approved

Artist Notes: Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the facebook page about the different versions of this! If you haven't checked out the facebook page or the twitter feed yet, you should - there is stuff there including upcoming contests that won't be here!

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