Vector Build Methods

Deconstructing my vector build methods.

If you follow my tutorials on, than you're generally familiar with my creative process when it comes to building vector shapes.

I've been creating a lot of content for my new book lately, and decided last night to test a screen capture application I purchased recently.

I recorded the entire creation of an ornament design, documenting the vector build methods I use every day.

Final graphic ornament.

Above is an old school animated gif version of my process, and below is a condensed video of me building the ornament art shown in this post. The video is sped up so as not to exceed the 10 minute threshold YouTube mandates. It's about 5 minutes long, but in reality took me about 24 minutes to build. (Not including the initial drawing)

If you enjoy this you'll dig a project I'm working on that will be released in early 2011 that dives deep into the whole subject of vector build methods. But more about that later.