A New Blog - Drawsigner

New "Drawsigner" blog.

My first venture into blogging happened May 29, 2005. I wasn't sure when I started if it was a waste of time or a practical way to communicate with others on a new level. Thankfully the later turned out to be the truth. (At least for me that is)

Needless to say technology has changed and it's time to say goodbye to the antiquated ways of Blogger and move my blogging over to a brand that better suits my work and the audience I communicate with.

So this post will be the second to the last one I'll make on the Art Backwash blog. It'll remain active moving forward, but all my new content will be posted to the my new blog called Drawsigner.

I'll make one last post announcing when the new blog is live and provide the exact address at that time. Thanks to everyone who has made this blog so much fun and I hope you'll enjoy the new format and look even more.

- Von

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