The newest volume of the Classic Comics Press reprint of Leonard Starr's comic strip, On Stage, has just been released and publisher Charles Pelto was kind enough to invite me to write the introduction. I am a huge fan of the strip, and the period covered by this volume (1966-1967) is one of my favorite periods.

In honor of this 8th volume in the series, my introduction lists the top 8 reasons why On Stage was one of the very greatest story strips of all time. Those reasons are:

1. It was the single most literate and erudite story strip
2. Starr's mastery of light and shadow was on a par with the best comic artists
3. It was the sexiest comic strip (at least, for real adults)
4. Starr's drawings had great structural integrity
5. Its dry wit and humor were unmatched by any other story strip
6. Its pictures were beautifully designed
7. Its relationships were among the richest and most mature in comic strips
8. Starr excelled at complex facial expressions to illustrate complex story lines

Do you disagree? Do you have different reasons? Get the book if you care to read my arguments.

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