Book Announcement!

I recently got my advance copy and it's awesome! It's a little black hard-cover, beautifully printed -- I'm really happy with the way it turned out:

It will be available in stores and online in March (official pub date is April 1), but preorders are already available from Chronicle Booksicon, Amazon, Barnes and, or direct from me.

What's next for TAD?
You can look forward to more frequent posts (by my standards anyway) over the next few months, as I post some of the last ones that are in the book as well as a bunch of fun extra stuff that didn't make it in. Aftdr that, expect to see more collaborations as TAD is more interested in helping now than in critiqueing. She says she plans to be an artist when she grows up. And a scientist. And a rock star. And a Jedi Knight.

Also...  Tiny Tweets  That's right - you can now follow the wit and wisdom of the Tiny Art Director on twitter.

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