Sneak Peek - Border.Banner.Frame

Refined Sketches for "Border.Banner.Frame" artwork.

For the last three months I've actively been working on my next book called "Border.Banner.Frame" which will be the third book I'm developing for HOW Books.

"Border.Banner.Frame" will be a stock art book for graphic designers.

Ornament design. (Sketch shown above)

The book will catalog over 300+ custom design motifs covering "18" different categories. (DVD will contain an additional two categories of art) I have enough of the content finalized that I've decided to give everyone a sneak peek at a few pieces of the artwork now.

This book will also include features on some of our industries most talented designers and illustrators too and I'm honored they've agreed to be part of this publication.

Frame design.

I've been drawing out all my art and at the moment my office looks like a creative hurricane hit it. I have piles upon piles of paper, vellum, sketches, roughs, finals, print outs, and notes scattered everywhere. It's a bit nuts right now in my studio.

But I can't complain, it's been a lot of fun drawing out all the design devices, cartouches, banners, flames, skulls, ornaments, and floral motifs. I usually draw out a good chunk of designs over a couple of days then spend a couple days building them out and polishing the artwork.

I've repeated this process one late night after another and it's turning out nice so far.

Two border designs.

Designing borders is a lot like designing patterns, in that they have to be able to repeat seamlessly to the right and left. Some of the borders I'm designing will also have corner art too.

I'm looking forward to finishing all the artwork in the next month and a half if everything goes as scheduled. The book is due to hit February 2011. But I plan on posting more about it later this year and giving away some FREE downloads too so you can test drive the artwork yourself.

Blend it!

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