Proto TAD: The Bottle Fairy

I've unearthed one of the inspirations for the Tiny Art Director project.  When she was
just a little over two years old the Proto-T.A.D. was waking us up every night for
weeks demanding “MORE BOTTLE!” At 3:00am we complied to avoid hours of screaming.

Finally we told her that the bottle fairy was coming to take her bottles away and give them to new babies who need them.

“I’m going to be very mad at her when she comes,” she told us.

The Bottle Fairy did come and left this calling card, a toy parasauralophus and a brand new sippy cup.  She loved the dinosaur and didn’t even mind the sippy cup which pretty much solved all of our sleep problems.  She hated the drawing.

And she didn’t even know that I drew it!