Tiny Film Critic: Barbie Mariposa

Presenting a new feature - the Tiny Film Critic
The Film:  Barbie Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends

The Review: Babiest movie ever? Babier than Dora? Barbie Mariposa.

It crushed the brain out of my head!

It was about these stupid little fairies who think they're strong enough to go into the cave and all the others have to stay back and they're trying to save the queen from the stupid little fairy named Hannah who tries to give her a poison in her mouth.

And then it comes like this: So. Mariposa found the thing that would make the Queen better but stupid little Hannah pulled the petals off the flower and then she only got a little of the smell and even it made her better!

Film Status: Rejected

Additional Comments: Can we rent Barbie Fairytopia now?