Quick Reminders

There certainly has been a lot going on here on ART Evolved and the greater Palaeo-art world this past month. Between lots of new members added to our roster and a bunch of inflammatory emails by a certain celebrity Palaeo-artist it is not surprising we've been busy lately. Amongst all the hustle and bustle we thought a quick reminder would be good, as there are a few things coming up real soon on the ART Evolved agenda. The most urgent (in that it has a deadline) is the Hadrosaur gallery at the end of the month. Please try to throw together a Duckbill Dinosaur of some sort for May. 1st. We accept any and all submissions. Just fire them off to us at artevolved@gmail.com. Secondly we just wanted to remind people that we are still looking for submissions for our team up with Ask a Biologist. They are looking for promotional material to help spread the word about their site. We here at ART Evolved think this is a fantastic web based initiative and it needs our help. So please consider creating something they can use to advertise their site!

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