Lucy's Homemade Fossils

The amazing Lucy Walsh shares with us her homemade fossils!

Hi, thought I'd send ART Evolved my homemade fossils!

I started this as a little experiment to try to see how fast I could colour match the fossils I made with the real thing. I started out bymaking a cast of two of my fossils from my collection. Having never used thisbefore, apart from on the kid's hands which you know will wash off!, I wasworried the liquid that sets into a mould would damage my precious fossils, butit worked beautifully and only cost 99p from a cheap craft shop! So I filledthe mould with plaster of paris and then when it was dry started painting myfake fossils.

It took me about two hours to paint both fossils, and givethem a matt varnish, and I was quite pleased with the outcome!!

The next day I took them to my sisters house as a gift, anda test! I put them on her worktop and said that they were a present for her.She didnt know they weren't the real thing, until she picked them up!!! Missionaccomplished!

Great fun, easy, cheap and effective! Well worth a go!!!

Kind Regards,
Lucy Walsh.

See more of Lucy's work at her blog and in her deviantArt gallery.

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